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"Robert Davis has been my go to for home improvement projects for years. It doesn't matter what I need to have done, electrical, lighting, plumbing, siding, or a complete remodel, the quality of his work is superior to all others, and his pricing will not be beat.

In two short weeks, Robert gutted (down to the studs) an old, outdated master bath in my condominium, and redesigned and remodeled it into an absolute masterpiece. I was blown away by the look, the functionality, the value-add, and most of all, the price!"

Chris Hembrough
President & CEO
The Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce

"My wife and I engaged Robert Davis (we call him "Rob the Builder”) of West Haven Builders for several projects, big and small, in our home. Robert is exceptional. He interprets what the owner wants and delivers quality results. Our biggest project included replacing all the interior doors, installation of tile floors covering most of the main floor, removing a load-bearing wall to open up a room and the move of a bathroom to an alternate location.  Robert installed warm floor technology under the tile floor and our toes are warm in the middle of an Illinois winter. Additional projects included replacing windows and installing support beams to a garage with a drooping ceiling. We have had other contractors over the years but none keeps the work site as clean as Robert and his crew. 

We highly recommend Robert for any construction or remodeling project."

Neal E. Miller

"If you are fortunate enough to have found Robert Davis for your construction project, you will soon realize that you have found someone who is truly “one in a million” and can expect the following: He can do almost anything. If he says he can do it, he can do it well. The end result will be superlative. He will do things the right way even if you would never know that he could have cut corners. Everyone, especially the ladies, particularly appreciate how neatly he keeps the work site and how it looks when he goes home for the evening. He must be obsessive compulsive because he is so particular and detail oriented. When you recommend him to your friends, you can expect to get many thank you’s. He has extremely high integrity and is honest above reproach. You will feel very comfortable giving him your key and full access to everything when you are not around. He is fast, efficient and gets the work done with very little commotion. My recommendation comes from knowing Robert and his wife Ana over the past ten years after meeting him on a mission trip in Mexico and having him do the following projects:
Gutting and totally remodeling an entire house replacing all the wiring,  plumbing, insulation, cabinets, crown molding, tile, windows refinishing stair railing etc. Remodeling our basement. Remodeling a bathroom with tiled walk in shower. Building a desk for me and one for my wife’s office. Installing a large brick patio. Installing a stairway and closet. Building a huge expandable dining room table. Remodeling an entire office building. Repairing a machine shed. Pouring a concrete pad. Numerous projects completed for friends and business associates with all extremely positive reviews. And one final comment. I made the mistake of recommending Robert to a friend of mine who is a good guy but who also is a perfectionist and a nit picking nit picker. He completed the first project with rave reviews and did several more for them afterwards . I was very relieved and realized, if he could please them, he could please

J. Allen Stevens

Retired Regional Director, Country Financial
Springfield IL

"Completely dependable. Robert does super quality work. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a project to be done on time and on budget."

Keely Burton

"Great work, honest, and all around great people! I highly recommend West Haven Builders for your project needs."

Sherry Milia
Scottsdale, AZ

"Did an excellent job remodeling our master bathroom. Thanks!"

Chris Schoon 

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